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Punyahavachanam - Purification Ceremony After Child Birth

Punyahavachanam is a purification ceremony. It is performed on the eleventh, thirteenth, fifteenth or sixteenth day after the birth of a child. It is also performed before an important event or after an untoward incident. It mainly involves sprinkling of purificatory water.  These are the following steps in Punyahavachanam:

Vighneswara Puja – Worshipping of Ganesha

Kalasha Puja – Worship of Kalash – worshiping the water in sacred pot which will be used for Punyahavachanam

Dhupa and Deepa – offering the incense and the light with wicks dipped in ghee. This is offered to the water in sacred pot.

The pot is then worshipped with flowers.

The pot is then worshipped with camphor

In the final step, water is sprinkled on the heads of the performer, people present and on all auxiliary objects.