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Hanuman – About Hindu God Hanuman

In Hinduism, Hanuman is the perfect manifestation of devotion, humility, discipline, strength and selfless service. He is the one who has conquered the senses and ego. He is the ideal living being. For many Hindus, he is the trusted lieutenant of Lord Ram in the Ramayana. For non-Hindus, he is the Monkey God in Hindu religion. Today, Hanuman is widely worshipped in Hindu culture and is one of the most popular deities.

Birth of Hanuman
Hanuman is the son of Vayu, the wind-god, and Anjani. He is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva.

In Hindu tradition, Hanuman is designated as Chiranjeevi – the ever living. He lives among us and is believed to present where Lord Ram is worshipped. There is also a popular belief that he lives in the Himalayas.

Hanuman the Scholar
His Guru is Lord Surya (Sun God). He is a master of literature, grammar, politics, commerce, economics, music, arts, sciences, philosophy, mysticism and occult. Lord Ram recognizes the outstanding scholar Hanuman in their very first meeting. It is Hanuman’s speech in chaste language without a single mistake that win’s Lord Ram’s heart. He soon becomes the trusted lieutenant of Lord Ram.

Hanuman in Ramayan
His unparalleled exploits in the Ramayana has amused and amazed people from time immemorial. Some of the most popular episodes of Hanuman in Ramayana include his leap across the sea, outwitting Surasa the sea monster, killing Simhika, setting Lanka on fire and carrying of the mountain of herbs. Each new generation learns about Hanuman from the Ramayana and soon admires and worships him for his strength, mental discipline, wisdom, serenity and humility

Hanuman Worship
Today, Hanuman is worshipped by all Hindu communities and all Hindu traditions. He is worshipped in all important temples and is also worshipped as an independent deity. He is the remover of problems – Sankat Mochan. He is also the destroyer of bad astrological influences. He is Bajrang Bali – the patron deity of wrestlers.

Tuesday is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and special prayers are held on the day in all his temples. In South India, especially in Kerala, Thursday is dedicated to Hanuman.

Festivals Dedicated to Lord Hanuman
The most important festival dedicated to Hanuman is his birthday, which falls in Chaitra Month (March – April). It is known as Hanuman Jayanti.
Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated during various times by various communities. In Tamil culture, it is observed during Margali Masam (December – January). In Telugu culture, a 41-day Vrata is dedicated to Hanuman, which is followed by a major festival.
Hanuman is also worshipped a day before Diwali in some parts of North India and Gujarat.

Hanuman in South East Asia
Hanuman is also worshipped in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bali in Indonesia and Malaysia. In some of these cultures, he is not a celibate but a powerful warrior.

Different Names of Hanuman
Anjaneya, Bajrang Bali, Kesari Nandan, Vayu Putra, Pavan Putra, Maruti, Radudreya are some of the popular names of Hanuman.