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Hanuman Mantra To Overcome Financial Problems

In Kali Yuga, the present age as per Hindu religion, people will face umpteen problems due to ignorance. One of the most common problems this age is financial problem. The best way to overcome financial problems is by chanting Hanuman mantra on Tuesday or Saturday.

Hanuman Mantra To Overcome Financial Problems

Om Mahabalaya Viraya Chiranjivan Uddathe
Harine Vajra Dehaya Cholangitmavyaye
महाबलाय वीराय चिरंजिवीन उद्दते
 हारिणे वज्र देहाय चोलंग्घितमहाव्यये

How To Chant Hanuman Mantra To Overcome Financial Problems

  • The mantra should be chanted before sunrise on Tuesday or Saturday in a Hanuman Temple.
  • The devotee should wake up early morning well before sunrise take bath and wear red color dress.
  • Then offer prayers to Ganesha and Lord Rama.
  • Then visit a Hanuman Temple and sit in meditative pose facing the temple murti.
  • Chant the mantra 108 times and keep count on a red sandalwood mala (lal chandan mala).
  • After chanting the mantra 108 times offer prayers to Hanuman.
  • Next read the Hanuman Chalisa one time.
  • Feed bananas to cow or monkeys on the day.
  • Perform the chanting for next 7 Tuesdays or Saturdays.