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Hanuman Jayanti in Tamil Month Margazhi - Anjaneyar Jayanthi in Tamil Nadu - Margazhi Moolam 2024 Date

In Tamil Nadu, Anjaneyar Jayanthi is observed on Moolam Nakshatram in the Margazhi month or Margali Masam, which is one of the most auspicious months in Tamil Calendar. In 2024, Hanuman Jayanti in Tamil Month Margazhi is on December 30. Hanuman Jayanthi is observed during various time of year by different Hindu communities. Majority of the people observe it on the Purnima or full moon day in the Chaitra month (March - April).

Anjaneyar Jayanthi in Tamil Nadu - Margazhi Moolam
It is widely believed that Lord Hanuman is present where the story of Lord Ram is recited. Therefore people read the Ramayana on the day or recite prayers dedicated to Rama. The Sundara Kandam chapter of Ramayana is read by most people.

Special prayers are held on the day in Hanuman Temples and are visited by large number of devotees.

At home, idols or pictures of Hanuman are thoroughly cleaned at dawn. Idols and pictures are smeared with Sindoor. Sweets and bananas are offered to Hanuman.

Some of the popular Anjaneya Temples in Tamilnadu organize various rituals. Special prayers and pujas are held on the day. Food donation, feeding of animals and special prasadam are distributed on the day.

Anjaneya Stotram is chanted on the day.

The most popular Hanuman Jayanti observed in most part of India is in Chaitra Month. In 2024, this is on April 23.