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Narayana Suktam Teachings

Whatsoever there is in this world known through perception (because of their proximity) or known through report (because of their distance), all that is pervaded by Narayana, within and out. (Narayana Suktam 123).

Whatever is seen and heard, whatever is inside and outside our body, all is pervaded by the all pervading Supreme spirit. It is the Supreme consciousness, in which the whole universe is established. He stays and pervades all bodies.

The base of background of seeing, hearing and experiencing is the consciousness that is inherent in the human being, is that unbroken consciousness. The consciousness is indivisible and is one, the power of Narayana, the Supreme Self.

There is vital force in all the living bodies. There is vital force in water, air, food and heat. The vital force in all these elements supports itself in the body of living beings. It is a continuous flow of energy from one medium to the other medium, from one form to the other. It is the intelligence in all creatures, plants and human beings. It is seated in all in the form of the seed, in the egg and in the fetus. It controls the growth and development of the body according to the qualities of the body. It pervades the sun, moon, all the planets and the stars and also the great elements. This Supreme Vital force, Supreme intelligence, all the knowledge and Supreme bliss is Narayana.