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Prayers and Mantras on Tuesday in Hinduism

In Hindu Religion, Tuesday (Mangalwar) is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Apart from visiting temples dedicated to Hanuman and offering pujas and prayers, Hindu devotees also chant important prayers dedicated to Lord Hanuman on the day.

The most popular prayers dedicated to Hanuman that are chanted on Tuesday are the Hanuman Chalisa and Hanuman Ashtak. Anajaneya Devotees also chant Anjaneya Ashtottaram or Hanuman Ashtottara Namavali – the 108 names of Hanuman.

You can download Hanuman Chalisa MP3 from this link – Hanuman Chalisa song MP3.

You can download Hanuman Ashtak MP3 from this link – Hanuman Ashtak song MP3.

You can download Anjaneya Ashtottara Namavali in PDF format from this link – Anjaneya Ashtottara in PDF format.

You can download Hanuman Ashtottara Namavali in word format from this link – Hanuman Ashtottara in MS word document format.

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