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Pancha Maha Yoga In Hindu Astrology

Pancha Maha Yoga in Hindu astrology is the result of the good positioning of Navagrahas, Mangal, Budha, Brihaspati, Shukra and Shani in a person’s horoscope. The names of different Pancha Maha Yoga are:
  1. Ruchakam Yoga result of good positioning of Mangal, 
  2. Bhadram due to Budha, 
  3. Hamsam due to Brihaspati, 
  4. Malavyam due to Shukra and 
  5. Shasham due to Shani.
Person who is born when it is Ruchakam will have a long and healthy life, they will become leaders and will also attain fame and wealth.

One born during Bhadram will have long life, good intelligence, ferocity of tiger and will earn good fortune.

One born during Hamsam yogam will be beautiful and handsome, will get good life partner, will have a long life and will be very active socially.

One born during Malavyam yog will be blessed with luck, will get good life partner and will earn good wealth.

One born during Shasham yog will attain powerful positions and will be able to defeat people in debate.

Pancha Maha Yoga happens when one of the above said navgraha is in the birth star or Nakshatra of the person or in Mool Nakshatra. The yog will also happen when the above said navgrahas are in their highest position during birth.