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Mahunag – Karna Of Mahabharat Worshipped In Honeybee Form In Himachal Pradesh

Mahunag is a deity worshipped in Himachal Pradesh. It is widely believed that Mahunag is an incarnation of Karna of the Mahabharat. It is said that Karna takes honeybee form and rescues his devotees when they are in distress. Popular temples dedicated to the deity are located in Shimla, Karsog and Manali.

Legend has it that the deity once appeared in the form of a honeybee (mahu) to help a king (Raja Shyam Sen) of the region who was imprisoned by a Mughal ruler. The king was kept in a large drum as a prisoner. The honeybee who entered the drum asked the king for a place to stay in the drum. The king told the honeybee that he is ready to give him a place and if he could secure his release, he would give him half his kingdom.

Mahuna then took the form of a chess player and challenged the Mughal ruler in chess. The ruler promised anything he wanted if could defeat him. After winning the game, Mahuna asked for the large drum in which the king was imprisoned.

Thus Mahuna secured the release of the king. It is said that Mahuna then revealed his true form to the king and he settled at Bakhari. The king then built a temple for the deity.

The deity is worshipped to solve family issues and legal troubles.

The main offerings in the temple are made using silver.

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