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Reason For Leaving a Tuft or Top Hair for Performing Ritual in Hinduism

Leaving a tuft or top hair unshaved before performing important rituals in Hinduism is known as Chudakarana ceremony in Hinduism. The tuft or top hair that is left uncut is known as Chuda or Shikha. The reason for this practice can be traced back to the Vedas

The practice of Chudakarana ceremony is very old and it finds mention in the Yajur Veda, Atharva Veda and Asvalayana Grihya Sutra.

Chudakarana Ceremony for new born is performed after the child’s first birthday and before he turns three years old.

Keeping a tuft is a must for members of certain Hindu communities and especially for priests of the community.

Tuft or Top Hair is also left by those performing the rituals dedicated to dead relatives.

Sushruta Samhita Sharira Sthana states that inside the head near the top, is an important juncture of arteries. Any injury to this spot is fatal. The tuft of hair that is kept unshaved is in this spot.