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Hiranyagarbha Sukta

Hiranyagarbha Sukta is a hymn dedicated to Prajapati, the lord of being, in Rig Veda. It is the 121st hymn of the tenth book – Dasama Mandala – of Rig Veda. Hiranyagarbha literally means ‘golden womb’ or ‘of golden orgin,’ the word golden denoting that which is resplendent life fire.

The backdrop of Hiranyagarbha Sukta is the early formation of a huge ellipsoid of the original matter of the universe and the Big Bang creating sun-like luminous bodies and earth-like planets.

There are in all ten mantras in Hiranyagarbha Sukta, out of which nine end with the question –“To which deity should we offer oblations?” The answer is Prajapati. The hymn ends like this “O Prajapati, none of all these created beings and the creatures are apart from you, or encompassed by anyone else.’