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Mahasaya Dyodhi Mandir in Bhagalpur, Bihar – Bhagalpur Mahasaya Dyodhi Temple

Mahasaya Dyodhi Temple at Bhagalpur in Bihar is dedicated to Batuk Bhairavanath. The mandir is spread over 51 acres of land. The main murti worshipped in the temple is made out of crystal.

Legend has it that the murti of Bhatuk Bhairavnath was hidden under the mud base of a pond. The estate in which the temple stands belonged to Raja Amarnath Ghosh. Rani Padmavati, wife of Raja Amarnath, had a dream in which Bhairav came to her dream and told the exact location of the murti.

During the excavation of the murti, nose of it was damage. The damaged area was filled with silver.
The temple has Rajasthani style of architecture.

There were rumors that Batuk Bhairavanath murti was disappearing at night. Devotees then tied the murti with iron chains. It can be still seen in the temple.