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Anjaneya Temple in Thanjavur – Moola Anjaneyar Temple at Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu

Moola Anjaneyar Temple at Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu is unique as it is a rare Hanuman Temple with three-tier rajagopuram and a dwaja sthambam. It has an eighteen-pillared Alankara Mandapam. Usually Hanuman Temples do not have rajagopurams and other elaborate temple architecture.

The temple is located on the northwest corner of Thanjavur. This corner is associated with Vayu in Vasthu Shastra and Hanuman is the son of Vayu. Due to this reason, the Hanuman Temple is known as Moola Anjaneyar Temple.

Another unique aspect of the temple is the Rashi Mandalam. All the 12 Rashis are depicted on the roof of the temple. A person can pray to his/her Rashi and get relief.

There are two Hanuman murtis in the temple. One is in Yoga posture sitting on a mountain. The second one is known as Anjaneyar.

 The Yoga posture hanuman has four arms. The top two hands hold sankhu and chakra. The other two hands are in blessing postures. It faces north and it is believed that one will get Siddhi by praying to this murti.

Lord Anjaneyar murti is facing east and it has two hands, which are in blessing posture.