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Bhagavad Gita – Akshara Parabrahma Yoga

Akshara Parabrahma Yoga is the chapter eight of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita

The title of the Discourse : 'Kshara' means that which perishes. 'Akshara' means that which does not perish, the Imperishable. Since the Discourse deals with the Imperishable Brahman it is entitled 'Akshara Parabrahma Yoga.' 

The indestructible, the Supreme, is Brahman. The creative force that brings beings into existence is called ‘karma’.

He who meditates on me at the time of death is absorbed into me.

The thoughts at the time of death determine the character of the next birth.

Always think of Lord Krishna and do your work. When the mind and understanding is concentrated on Krishna, one reaches the feet of Lord.

All worlds come and go. Beings in such world continuously pass through the cycle of birth and death. But he who attains me never takes another birth.

If the mind is turned to the Yoga of Practice, and dropping thoughts of other things engaged in constant dhyana, O Partha, the Yogi merges with the Highest one. (8.8)

For, akshara means also a letter, the pranava, Om, which is a symbol of Brahmam. That is why it is called akshara para Brahma yoga (The eternal, changeless, supreme yoga). Brahmam has two adjectives, paramam and aksharam. Akshara indicates the pranava as well as maya. Maya too is subsumed by pranava. These two are 'attributefull', qualified, savishesha. Brahmam, however, is nirvishesha, qualificationless, attributeless, and pure in its own right. (Geeta Vahini - Satya Sai Baba)

The eighth chapter of 28 slokas, known as akshara parabrahma yoga, the indestructible Brahman, emphasizes the need of un-wavered devotion to the Supreme so as to attain Him. It also describes the science of meditation to reach the Supreme by understanding the nature of the Brahman. And shloka 22 is a seemingly concluding statement of the Lord that only through un-swerved devotion the Supreme could be reached from which there is no return. 

Akshara Para Brahma Yog' means the yoga that enables the soul to mingle with the eternal Paramatma. Arjuna asks Lord Krishna the following seven questions : —
  1. What is meant by Brahmam?
  2. What is meant by Adhyatmam ?
  3. What is meant by Karma ?
  4. What is meant by Adhibhootham ?
  5. What is meant by Adhidyvam?
  6. Who is Adhiyagna ?
  7. How do persons, know Bhagavan and how do know when to attain Samadhi.

Bhagavad Gita – Akshara Parabrahman Yoga