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Khatu Shyam Mandir in Jharia at Dhanbad, Bihar – Dhanbad Khatu Shyam Temple

Khatu Shyam Mandir is located at Jharia and in Dhanbad and the shrine is dedicated to Khatu Shyam, also known as Barbareek, is the grandson of Bhima in the Mahabharata. He willingly gave his head in charity to Lord Krishna before the Mahabharata war. Dhanbad Khatu Shyam Temple is maintained by the Marwari community and is one of the important temples dedicated to the deity outside Rajasthan.

The main murti of Khatu Shyam worshiped in the temple is north facing and it sits on a silver throne. Shringar of the murti is performed using an 11-meter long cloth.

The sanctum sanctorum is 8 by 10 feet and the height of the dome is 30 feet. The sanctum sanctorum also has a silver horse, the vehicle of Khatu Shyam.

108 types of bhoga are offered to the murti. Ekadasi and Dwadasi in the Phalgun month are considered highly meritorious. Dasami nishan yatra – spiritual journey using flags is held on Phalgun Dasami. These flags are then offered to the deity.

The temple, puja and decoration of the murti are based on Rajasthani style.

There are also murtis of Hanuman, Ganesha, Shiva and Shivling in the shrine.