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How To Deal With Rejection? - Hinduism Teaching

Hinduism teaching on how to deal with rejection?

Rejection in relationship, rejected in interview, rejected by loved ones…so what? I am not the only one who has faced such a situation in life. Deal with rejection with a positive frame of mind.

First and foremost we should not allow rejection to overhaul us especially our future.

Rejection is a temporary phase of life. It will soon pass. Learn from it and move ahead in life.

Quite often rejection is a wakeup call. It can help us in making an honest evaluation of ourselves.

Change your focus – learn something new, go on a journey – this will help in forgetting the rejection.

Meditation is a good method to overcome the stress and tension created by rejection.

If you are looking for answer to the question in Hindu philosophy, then there is nothing you can reject. All that we see here are part of the Supreme Truth. There is nothing outside it. There is no second. When there is no second there is no scope for rejection. The concept of rejection itself is worthless. It is purely manmade.