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Bhagavad Gita – Raja Vidya Guhya Yoga Teachings

Raja Vidya Guhya Yoga is the title of the ninth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita

Shri Krishna uses this chapter to impart further lessons on the infinite nature of Ishwara and the finite nature of maya. He begins the chapter by asserting that the knowledge of Bhagavan’s infinite nature will result in liberation.

He addresses Arjuna as Anasooya in the chapter, which means without fault, doubt or prejudice, indicating that those who have begun the process of purification of their minds through karma yoga and devoted meditation will understand this knowledge completely.

Raja Vidya Guhya Yoga Teachings 

All beings have root in Me, but I am not rooted in them.

As the mighty wind, moving everywhere, ever dwells in the akasha (space), even so, all beings rest in Me.

At the close of a kalpa, all beings return into My nature and at the beginning of the next kalpa, I send them forth.

Hopes, deeds and knowledge vain of those who fail to realize my higher nature as the sovereign Lord of all beings. Finally they end up with the nature of demons and fiends.

But one who has understood the truth, has a steadfast mind and realizes that I am the imperishable source of all beings.

People who do not have the faith in the universal and eternal teachings never attain liberation. They return to the path of the mortal world which is filled with suffering. (9.3)

This entire universe is pervaded by my unmanifest state. (9.4)

All beings attain my Prakriti when an age ends, I project them again when another age begins. (9.7)

With useless desires, useless actions and useless knowledge, the unintelligent take refuge in delusory, devilish and evil nature. (9.12)

With single-pointed meditation, those who are constantly engaged in my worship, I carry the burden of acquisition and preservation of their needs. (9.22)

Bhagavad Gita – Raja Vidya Guhya Yoga