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Nelluvai Dhanwanthari Temple Contact Details with Number

Nelluvai Dhanwanthari Temple is located at Nelluvaya in Thrissur District in Kerala. The shrine is around 21 km from Thrissur town. Nelluvai Dhanwanthari Temple contact details with telephone numbers are given below.

The Devaswom Officer
Nelluvai Dhanwanthari Temple,
Nelluvai (P.O),
Erumapetty (Via),
Thrissur - 680584
Ph : 04885-264269

E-mail :

The murti worshipped in the temple was installed by Ashwini Devas (physicians of Devas) and the same murti was worshipped during Dwapara Yuga by Sri Vasudeva. It is believed that the temple is more than 5000 years old.

Bhagavan Dhanwanthari is a manifestation of Lord Vishnu. He emerged from the ocean during Paalaazhi Mdhanam (churning out the milky ocean), with the four hands, carrying, the divine Shankh (Conch), Sudarshna Chakra Amrit (Nectar), and Jalookham (Leech), respectively. Leach is used in Ayurvedic therapy to suck out bad blood to cure certain diseases.

In the western entrance of the temple, there are two banyan trees. There two big ponds on either side.
The murti worshiped in the sanctum sanctorum faces west. There are Gopuras in the western and eastern entrances of the temple, which is protected by boundary walls.

The temple complex has Nadappura, Balikkalpura and a large Oottupura in the north. At the end of the north-west corner, there is a Paththaayappura. There is a rock-paved Pradakshinavazhi. In the east-south entrance corner inside the boundary wall, the sanctum of the Cheruthevar (Vishnu) is situated. Inside, there is an idol of Varaha Moorthi, stage that is made out of rock and one Vilakkumaadam inside the Chuttambalam with stone-paved courtyard.

There is a Kokkarani in the northeast corner situated below the Chuttambalam. One has to walk down through the pavement to bring the Theertham. In spite of not getting proper sunlight, the water inside is pure.
In the southwest corner of the compound, there are murtis of Ayyappa, Ganapati and Shiva facing towards the east. There is also a Vishnu idol and Salagrama.