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Auspicious stars for travel as per Hinduism - Nakshatra Ideal For Travelling as per Hindu Astrology

Not all Nakshatra are ideal for traveling as per Hindu astrology. Out of the 27 Nakshatras in Hinduism only 9 are good for traveling. Auspicious stars for travel as per Hindu astrology texts are:

Ashwini or Ashwathy
Mrigasira – Makayiram
Punarvasu – Punirtham
Pushya – Pooyam
Hasta – Atham
Anuradha – Anusham or Anizham
Shravan – Thiruonam
Dhanishta – Avittam

Things to Remember Before Traveling

Before traveling one should take the blessing of Kula Devata, ancestors (pitr) and of the personal deity that you worship.

Next take the blessing of elders in the family.

Take some sweet before leaving the house the best option is curd mixed with sugar or honey or jaggery.

Never say I am going while leaving. Always say I will return back soon.

Never leave the house in anger or when you are in emotional distress. Wait till your mind is normal.

Never leave a place by cursing the place or people residing in it.

When traveling in the South direction take the blessings of Hanuman. This is because South is the direction of Yama (god of death) and the devotees of Hanuman will not be affected by any difficulties.