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Story of Shukracharya and Jayanti, daughter of Indra

There is a story in the Puranas which state that Jayanti, the daughter of Indra, became wife of Shukracharya for 10 years. Shukracharya was the priest and teacher of Asuras or demons. Once Devas defeated the Asuras. To acquire more powers, Shukracharya performed intense austerities to please Shiva.

When the penance of Shukracharya became severe, Indra was worried and wanted to break it. Indra thought that Guru Shukra would acquire new powers, which will make Asuras powerful.

Indra asked his daughter Jayanti to become the servant of Shukra and to break his penance somehow or other.

Jayanti did not like her father’s intention; but she also did not want to disobey her father so she followed his orders.

She went to Kailasa, became the attendant of Shukra, and stayed with him. She served him without any complaints. She maintained her chastity and did not disturb the Guru in anyway.

She spoke only words, which would be pleasing and helpful to him.

This continued for several years. Lord Shiva then appeared Shukracharya and gave the boons he requested for.

After that, Shukracharya asked Jayanti what she wanted for her service. She told that she wanted to become his wife. Respecting her request, Shukracharya allowed her to live with him for ten years as his wife. He gave her a boon that during that period of ten years they both would be invisible to the world.