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Nelluvai Dhanwanthari Temple Offerings

The important offerings at the famous Nelluvai Dhanwanthari Temple near Thrissur in Kerala include Malar, Appam and Panchaarappayasam.

There are mainly three poojas in Nelluvai Temple.

The pooja procedures start with Abhishekam in the early morning followed by Usha pooja, Pantheeradi Pooja and Uchcha pooja. There are Deepaaraadhana and Aththaazhappooja in the evening every day.

Malar and Appam are commonly used as Nivedyam in the morning and evening sessions respectively. The mostly liked Nivedyam by the Dhanvanthari Moorthy is Panchaarappayasam.
The other main Vazhipaadu to the Dhanvanthari Moorthy include Chandanam Chaarththal, Venna Chaarththal, etc.

The most important Vazhipaadu in this temple is Mukkudi. This Mukkudi is received as Prasadam after the morning pooja only. If the Mukkudi Prasadam is taken inside with full devotion, there will be complete relief to the abdominal and gastric diseases.