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Auspicious stars for childbirth as per Hindu Astrology - Nakshatra Good for Child Birth

All stars are good for childbirth. But there are some stars that are regarded more auspicious as per Hindu astrology. Nakshatra good for child birth are:

Ashwini – Ashwathy
Mrigashira – Makayiram
Punarvasu – Punirtham
Pushya – Pooyam
Uttara Phalguni – Uthram
Hasta – Atham – Hastam
Chitra - Chithira
Swati – Chothi
Anuradha – Anusham or Anizham
Uttarashada – Uthrittathi
Shravan – Thiruvonam or Sravanam
Dhanishta - Avittam
Shatabhisha – Chathayam
Uttarabhadrapada – Uthrittathi

We must always remember that birth and death are something which we humans cannot predict. Being born in an auspicious birth star does not mean there will be progress and happiness in life.

This depends on our vasanas - if we are able to control our senses and work towards self realization then there will be peace and happiness in life.

Bhagavan Sri Ram was born on earth and he had to undergo numerous sufferings. All human beings will have to face the consequences of their ignorance.

Birth time and nakshatra does not decide the future of a person, what matters is the person's karma in this birth.