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Interview with the Author of The Power and Intelligence of Karma and Reincarnation

Here is an interview with Dharma, the author of the book titled “The Power and Intelligence of Karma and Reincarnation”

1) How is Karma and Reincarnation helpful in a world that is heading towards intolerance?

Two great evils - Hell and Heaven - the concept of Hell makes God a torturer. The concept of Heaven has been used to lure people into religion and preach hatred against those who do not believe. We have the concept of Heaven to thank for Terrorism today - young, impressionable minds brainwashed into thinking that they will get paradise if they kill "enemies" - these "enemies" include innocent women, children and even babies! Reincarnation puts a stop to these concepts - one dies, one comes right back - this is ALL there is.

2) The ultimate aim as per Hinduism the point of no return – merging with the Supreme Soul (Brahman) so that there is no more birth. How will reincarnation help in this?

I don't see the ultimate aim being a point of no return - i make it very clear in my book - life has been looked down upon - seen as some sort of sin or punishment - it is not. It is a Gift! Life is a Gift from God! One that we should savor and ask for it over and over again! Reincarnation has nothing to do with merging with the Supreme Soul - in fact, if one does want to merge with Supreme Soul, it is quite easy. God will not force life on us - just refuse God's Gift and one will merge with the Supreme.

3) Who defines what is good Karma and bad Karma?

We decide and so will God but that is why we are born - we are on the path to Moksha - Enlightenment and it must come from within us. Nobody has to tell us that killing, stealing, cheating etc are bad things to do - these are bad karmas and on the flip side, doing good to others, helping them, telling the Truth give us good karma.

4) What role does repentance play?

Repentance is good but it is not enough - that's only the first step - if we have wronged someone, let us right that wrong. We repent what we have done, but it's not about feeling sorry for ourselves, we must recognize that there is a victim and that victim is suffering because of us and we must hasten to make amends.

5) How does unwavering devotion or Bhakti help in reincarnation?

I have a different view of Bhakti - sitting in some place of worship and singing songs is not Bhakti. Going out and helping those in need is true Bhakti. When one does that, instead of just singing useless praises of God, we will actually BE with God! Work alongside God! That is a greater Gift!