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Devarshi – Who Are The Devarishis In Hinduism?

Devarshi is a term frequently used in Hindu scriptures especially the Puranas, Mahabharata and Ramayana. But who are the Devarishis? Saints (Rishis) who had attained self realization no longer belong to the earthly plain. They now live among the celestial beings or devas. The rishis that reside in the celestial world is referred as devarishis.

There is no known criterion as to what distinguishes a Rishi from a Devarishi.

A Devarishi could visit the celestial world and return back to earth and reside among human beings.

The most popular Devarishis are:
  1. Narada
  2. Asita
  3. Bhur Bhuva
  4. Brihaspati
  5. Kashyapa
  6. Lomasha
  7. Parvata
  8. Tanu
  9. Shukracharya
  10. Vasishta
The term Devarishi is widely used to refer to Narada. This is because he had access to all the worlds including Kailash and Vaikuntha.