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Birth of Mangal and Role of Shiva – Story

Mangal (Mars) is one of the Navagrahas in Hinduism. The story the birth of Mangal is associated with Shiva and is found in the Matsya Purana. Demon Antaksura performed intense austerities and pleased Shiva. He got the boon that if a drop of his blood fell on earth, many more demons will arise from it.

With such a powerful boon in possession, Antaksur went on a rampage defeating celestial beings, humans and other demons. He conquered the three worlds and unleashed a rule of Adharma.

The celestial beings under the leadership of Indra approached Shiva to find a solution.

Shiva on hearing the Adharmic activities of Antaksura decided to put an end to it.

Shiva fought a fierce battle against the demon.

A sweat from Shiva’s forehead fell on earth due to the intense battle.

The sweat upon touching earth gave birth to Mangal.

Shiva then killed Antakasur with his trident (trishul).

The blood that flowed from the demon was drunk by Mangal.