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Dream that Reveals the Location of the Neem Tree to Carve the Murti of Jagannath

Nabakalebara is the change of the murtis worshipped in the world famous Puri Jagannath Temple in Orissa. The murti is carved from a neem tree and the location of the tree is revealed through a dream – an order by Goddess Maa Mangala. The first phase for the search of the neem tree ends at the Maa Mangala temple at Kakatpur.

Important rituals are performed here.

This includes Jalaabhisheka and majana of the Goddess. Chanting of the hymns from Nrusingha mantra and Swapnadesha mantra.

The Daitapati servitors will sleep before the goddess for her Swapnadesha – order in dream – for the location of the Daru – the neem tree to carve the murti of Jagannath.

After getting the order through the dream, the daitapatis will have a meeting and a team will go in the direction to the find the tree.