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Ahiravana in Ramayana – The Story of Demon Ahiravan

The story of Ahiravan is mentioned in some regional versions of Ramayana. It must be noted that Ahiravana is not part of the original Valmiki Ramayana. In some versions, Ahiravana is the son of Mahiravana. In other versions Ahiravana is another name of Mahiravana. So there is no consistency regarding the story of Ahiravana. Hanuman took the Panchamukhi Hanuman form (five face) to defeat this demon.

Ahiravana Son of Mahiravana

In one legend, Mahiravana had kidnapped Bhagwan Sri Ram and Lakshman. Hanuman then killed Mahiravana and rescued the brothers. Ahiravana was still in the womb of his mother. But his mother gave birth to him while his father was engaged in the battle with Hanuman.

Ahiravana immediately grew up and began fighting Hanuman but he was killed in the battle.

Ahiravana Son of Ravana

In another legend, Ahiravana was the son of demon king Ravana. He had no interest in joining the war against Sri Ram. But he was forced to help Ravana when Indrajit was killed.

He captured Sri Ram and Lakshman and took them to Patala (the netherworld) with the intention of offering them as sacrifice to Goddess Kamada Devi.

Hanuman rescues the brothers and kills Ahiravana.

Ahiravan and Mahiravana are brothers

In some stories, Ahiravan and Mahiravana are brothers and they jointly use magic and sorcery to capture Sri Ram and Lakshman. They are then defeated and killed by Hanuman.

In some versions of the above story, Ahiravana replaces Mahiravana or Mayilaravana.