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Ten Incarnations of Vishnu and the Ten Shaktis or Mahavidyas of Each Avatar

Each of the ten incarnations of Hindu God Vishnu is assigned a Shakti or Female energy. This concept is more popular in the Tantric tradition. The ten Shaktis are together referred as Mahavidyas. It must be noted that no two Tantric texts agree on the 10 names of Mahavidyas. Also the ten Shaktis that are assigned to the ten Avatars also differ from one Tantric text to another. This particular list of ten Avatars and ten Mahavidyas is taken from the Mundamala Tantra.
  1. Dhumavati is associated with Matsya or Fish incarnation
  2. Goddess Vagala is associated with Kurma or the Tortoise incarnation
  3. Bhairavi is associated with Varaha or Boar incarnation
  4. Chinnamasta is associated with Narasimha
  5. Sundari is associated with Parashurama
  6. Bhuvaneshwari is associated with Vamana
  7. Tara is that of Sri Rama
  8. Kali is the force of Krishna
  9. Kamala is associated with Buddha (some scholars do not consider Buddha as incarnation of Vishnu and instead they consider Balram, the elder brother of Krishna)
  10. Durga is associated with the Kalki incarnation, whose arrival is expected.
The list might have some hidden meaning and symbolism which we are yet to understand.