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Hanuman Quiz – A quiz on the life of Hindu God Hanuman

This is a quiz based on the life of Hanuman. Majority of the questions are from the Ramayana.

You can take the quiz –

1 In which Kanda or episode of Ramayana does Lord Rama Meet Hanuman? 

  • Bala Kanda 
  • Ayodhya Kanda 
  • Aranya Kanda 
  • Kishkindha Kanda 

2 In which form did Hanuman appear before Lord Ram? 

  • Warrior 
  • Old Woman 
  • Brahmachari 
  • Old Man 

3 On the banks of which river did the first conversation between Hanuman and Lord Ram took place? 

  • River Pampa 
  • River Yamuna 
  • River Krishna 
  • River Kaveri 

4 Hanuman was the minister of 

  • Vali 
  • Sugriva 
  • Vibhishana 
  • Jatayu 

5 Name of Hanuman’s mother 

  • Anjali
  • Anjana 
  • Parvati 
  • Durga 

6 Who reminded Hanuman that he can leap over the ocean and reach Lanka? 

  • Sugriva 
  • Jambavan 
  • Rama 
  • Angad 

7 Who struck down Hanuman when he tried to leap and reach the sun? 

  • Vayu 
  • Agni 
  • Indra 
  • Surya 

8 Which mountain rose up from the sea to provide resting place to Hanuman while leaping to Lanka? 

  • Himalaya 
  • Mainaka 
  • Anamudi 
  • Agastya Parvat 

9 Which demon serpent tried to block the way of Hanuman during his leap to Lanka?

  • Surasa 
  • Lankini 
  • Tataka
  • Tara 

10 Which demon pulled Hanuman’s shadow and tried to eat him? 

  • Putana 
  • Simhika 
  • Mandodari 
  • Lankini 

11 Where did Hanuman meet Sita? 

  • Vrindavan 
  • Ashoka Vana 
  • Inside a fort 
  • On a mountain 

12 What did Hanuman Give to Sita to convince her that he was a messenger of Lord Ram? 

  • Ring 
  • Arrow 
  • Golden Chain 
  • Bow 

13 To which arrow did Hanuman willingly surrender and allowed to be captured? 

  • Indrajit’s Brahmastra 
  • Ravana’s Pashupastra 
  • Indrajit’s Nagastra 
  • Jambumali’s Astra 

14 Who argued for Hanuman in the court of Ravana? 

  • Vaishravana 
  • Kubera 
  • Yama 
  • Vibhishana 

15 What was the punishment given by Ravana to Hanuman for destroying Ashoka Vana and killing demons? 

  • To put him in prison 
  • To set Hanuman’s tail on fire 
  • To set Hanuman hair on fire 
  • To behead him 

16 What jewel did Hanuman carry from Mata Sita to Lord Ram? 

  • Choodamani, the jewel worn on hair 
  • Ring from her finger 
  • An earring 
  • A toe ring 

17 Which mountain did Hanuman lift and brought to Lanka to save the lives of Lakshman and other Vanaras? 

  • Himalaya 
  • Oshadhiparvata 
  • Kailasa 
  • Nanda Parvata 

18 Which demon did Hanuman kill on the battlefield of Lanka? 

  • Indrajit 
  • Kumbhakarna 
  • Ravana 
  • Nikumbha

19) In the Mahabharata war on whose chariot’s flag did Hanuman appear? 

  • Bhima 
  • Arjuna 
  • Bhishma 
  • Yudhisthira 

20) Which Pandava was unable to lift the tail of Hanuman that was blocking his way? 

  • Arjuna 
  • Sahadeva 
  • Bhima 
  • Nakula 

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