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Goddess Ambika

Goddess Ambika is one of manifestations of Mother Goddess Shakti. She is the divine homemaker. As Goddess Ambika, she runs the family. When Mother Goddess appeared as Goddess Parvati, she found Shiva, Her husband, to be out of the family ways. He continued to be a hermit – immersed in meditation, not bothered about the materialistic world – even after marriage.

This carefree attitude of Shiva angered Goddess Parvati. But then she realized that Shiva could not be changed through anger. To make him a family man she had to run the household.

Goddess Parvati then became Goddess Ambika – Goddess of household, of marriage, motherhood and family.

As Goddess Ambika, she brought order in society. There was peace in universe. She was able to mollify Shiva.

It must be noted that is a term used in later Vedic texts. Thus she is popular from the Vedic period.

Ambika is depicted as being seated on a lion. She has three eyes and is adorned with various ornaments. Out of her four hands, three hold darpana (mirror), khadga (sword) and khetaka (shield). The fourth (one of the right hand) exhibits the varada mudra (boon-giving pose).