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Nabadwip in Hinduism – Vaishnava Pilgrim Center in West Bengal

Nabadwip is a famous Vaishnava pilgrim center associated with Hinduism. It is located in West Bengal and is one of the important places associated with Sri Krishna Chaitanya, the founder of the Bengal School of Vaishnavism. Mayapur associated with ISKCON is located across the river from Nabadwip.

Popularly known as Nadia, Nabadwip consists of nine islands. Four of the islands are on the eastern bank of Bhagirathi and the rest five are on the western bank.

It is believed that when Bhagirathi River changed its course and a huge island emerged on the east of the river and the new island was called Nabadwip.

Nabadwip was the capital of Bengal during the 12th century and it was a center of Sanskrit and Hindu philosophy, especially of Neo Logic School of philosophy.

There are more than 150 temples in the region.

Dola Purnima and Rash Purnima are the important festivals in the region.