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Premortem – Envisioning What Could Go Wrong in Advance

Premortem is going through all things that might go wrong in future in regard to a project, study, idea, business, relationship that is yet to be executed. This envisioning should not be a negative thinking. It should be positive. It should be to make sure that the project is a success.

Premortem – Envisioning What Could Go Wrong in Advance

By getting an idea about things that could go wrong or will go wrong, we can avoid them. Even if we cannot avoid them, we can easily identify what went wrong after implementation.

Quite often we are not ready to accept the fact that everything might not go exactly as we wish. So doing an analysis of why the project failed even before its execution will help us in developing a back up plan.

There are several preventable reasons which we ignore while starting a new project by doing a premortem we can easily find and mitigate such issues.

Applying this in a relationship will help us in having a smooth rapport.

By Hindu Blog