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Goddess Aparajita

Goddess Aparajita is one among the numerous forms of Goddess Durga. Aparajita means the unconquered. In this form, she is worshipped on the Vijaya Dasami or Dasara day. People worship this form of Durga for winning the battles of life.

The popular belief is that in the Aparajitha form, Mother Goddess vanquished all those that were practicing Adharma. She protected those following dharma.

Goddess Aparajita rides a lion and has numerous arms with several weapons.

The form and attributes of Goddess Aparajitha is mentioned in the Devi Purana and Chandi Patha.

The rituals and pujas associated with Aparajitha are mentioned in Tantric texts.

Some devotees observe a fast on the Vijaya Dasami day. Special pujas are held on the day dedicated to this form of Durga in Orissa, Jharkhand, Bengal and other parts of eastern India.

There is also a belief is some Hindus that Goddess Aparajita resides in the Shami Tree. Shami Puja is also held on the Vijayadasami day.