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Tharamangalam Mariamman Temple near Salem in Tamil Nadu

Tharamangalam Mariamman Temple is located near Salem in Tamil Nadu and is dedicated to Goddess Mariamman. This is a unique temple as one can see Goddess Mariamman and Goddess Kali in the same sanctum sanctorum. Aadi festival and Navratri are the two important festivals observed in the month.

The murtis worshipped in the temple are Swayambhu – appeared on its own.

Subsidiary shrines in the temple are dedicated to Nagaraja and Ganesha.

A unique ritual is followed in the temple in which childless couple tie a small cradle and fill it water from Sanjeevi Tirtham, sacred pond, in the temple. The cradle is then rocked by the couple.

People who have trouble related to speech tie a bell in the temple and also light a lamp made of rice flour. The lamp is lit using ghee.

Those who have there wish fulfilled walk through a fire pit in the Aadi month (July – August). Childless couple who had their wish fulfilled walk carrying the child through fire pit and feed the child the milk that is offered to Goddess Mariamman.

Tharamangalam is located around 23 km east of Salem Town in Tamil Nadu.