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Pingala Ganapati – About Pingala Ganapati Form of Ganesha

Pingala Ganapati is one among the Shakti Ganesha forms of Ganapati. Shakti Ganesha form of ganpati is those in which he is depicted along with a Goddess. Most usually along with Goddess Lakshmi. In Pingala Ganapati form too Ganesh is depicted along with Goddess Lakshmi.

Pingala Ganapati murti has six hands – holding a mango, bunch of flowers plucked from Kalpaka Tree, Sugar cane, sesamum, modaka and parashu.

Figure of Goddess Lakshmi sits by the side of Pingala Ganapati. Goddess Lakshmi is green in color and wears ornaments.

As per some scriptures the shaktis of this form of Ganesha are Shri and Samriddhi.