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The Only Mantra For Love Is True Love

The only mantra for love is true love. Unlucky is he or she who cannot recognize your true love. In matters of love you need mental strength to overcome emotional situations. For this offer daily prayers to Ganesha by chanting ‘Vakratundaya’ mantra. For success in matters of love offer prayers to Sri Krishna daily and chant the mantra ‘Om Namah Vasudevaya.’

Now you know the mantra for love but will you succeed. Frankly chances of success are nil. Why?

If a mantra could win the hand of girl or boy then things would have been really easy. We would not have had love failures, suicide, depression etc. But this is not the case.

So face the truth.

The true mantra for love is to understanding yourself and then your love.

Love is good. Obsession is bad.

What is that you love? The body or the Person? Do you know the person well? Does he or she have anything compatible with you?

Love for body won’t last very long. You will soon get bored. The body that you loved so much will soon become a burden.

You should also make sure that the person whom you love should be worthy of your love.

So gain as much knowledge about the person you love.

Once you are sure this is your love.

Drop impatience, anger, frustration and depression. Also drop the love that is influenced by cinema and media. Cultivate the qualities of patience, humour, determination and simplicity. Your love should be your love not copied from cinema.

Taking the blessing of Ganesha and Krishna and go ahead with single pointed devotion. Do not waver. You will be successful.