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Ulsoor Someshwara Temple – Bangalore

Sri Someshwara Temple at Ulsoor in Bangalore is a popular shrine in Karnataka dedicated to Hindu God Shiva. It is one of the largest temples in Bangalore area and is famous for its architectural beauty. The temple is unique as there is separate shrine dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu.

Five Shivlings in Temple
The Shivling that is worshipped in the temple is Swayambhu – appeared on its own. The temple has five Lingas (pancha lingas of Sri Someshwara, Sri Nanjundeshwara, Sri Arunachaleswara, Sri Bhimeswara and Sri Chandramouleshwara).

Images of 84 Nayanars
The temple also has 84 images of Shiva Bhaktas called Nayanars whose classless beliefs transcended all barriers of caste, class and gender.

Unique Architecture of Temple
The temple has a Garudagamba, Raja Gopura, Bali Peetha, Dhvajasthamba and Vimana Gopura. The popular belief is that seeing the above parts of temple is equal to worshipping the main murti in the temple. As all the five parts are present at Ulsoor Someshwara Temple visiting the temple is considered highly meritorious.

Twelve Zodiac Signs and Sun Rays
Two pillars in the northern part of the temple depict the twelve zodiac signs so skillfully created that the trajectory of the Sun would touch a particular sign during the particular zodiac period. However with high rise buildings presently blocking the Sun, this phenomenon can no longer be witnessed except on the day after Shivaratri when the Sun anoints the Shivling with glorious light.

The temple has subsidiary shrines dedicated to Vidya Ganapathi, Dakshinamurthi, Vishnu, Subramanya, Chandikesvara, Durga, Suryanarayana and other minor deities.

Favorite Spot for Marriage
The temple is also a favorite location for conducting marriages in Bangalore as the outer walls of Kamakshamma temple in the courtyard one can see the murti of Girija Kalyana. The divine marriage is witnessed in the sculpture by all gods and goddesses and the priest of the marriage is Brahma.

Location of Ulsoor Someshwara Temple in Bangalore
The temple is around 8 km from Kempe Gowda Bus Station. The nearest bus stops are Lido theatre bus stop and Adarsha theatre bus stop.