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Bhogasthanaka Murti Form of Vishnu – Image of Vishnu Worshipped For Materialistic Gains

Bhogasthanaka Murti of Vishnu is worshiped for fulfillment of desires and to achieve all those things on earth that are impermanent. The murti of this form of Vishnu is in standing posture and is accompanied by Sridevi and Bhudevi.

Bhogasthanaka Vishnu has four hands – holds Chakra and Shankha in the two back hands. The friend right hand is in the ‘Abhaya’ or ‘Varada’ pose. The front left hand hangs by the side to rest upon the hip.

The color of this murti is dark. Sridevi stands on the right side of the Vishnu with the left leg slightly bent. The color of Sridevi is golden yellow. She is two armed and holds a lotus.

Bhudevi stands on the left side of Vishnu. Her color is dark and she holds a blue water lily.

The complete Bhogasthanaka murti includes Sage Bhrigu and Sage Makandeya kneeling on one knee near the main murti.

Above the figure of Vishnu, images of the goddesses Maya, Samhladini, Kamini and Vyajani, of the divine musicians Tumburu and Narada, of a pair of Kinnaras, of a Yaksha, a Vidyadhara, the rishis Sanaka, Sanatkumara and the luminaries Surya (sun) and Chandra (moon) are depicted.

On the north and the south walls of the central shrine the figures of Shiva and Brahma are shown.