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The Sage Who Waited For Sri Ram Without Going to Heaven - Story of Sarabhanga Rishi and Sri Ram in the Ramayana

Story of Sarabhanga Rishi is found in the Aranya Kanda of Ramayana. The meeting between Sri Ram and Sarabhanga Rishi takes place in the Dhanka forest. When approaching the ashram of Sarabhanga Rishi, Shri Ram, Mata Sita and Lakshman notices a glorious chariot standing in air and driven by green horses.

Sri Ram understood that it was Indra, the king of Devas, who had arrived on the chariot. Indra had come to take Sarabhanga Rishi to the Brahmaloka but the Rishi had refused to leave the ashram. The pious soul was waiting for the arrival of Sri Ram.

When Indra left Sri Ram entered the ashram of Sarabhanga Rishi.

Story of Sarabhanga Rishi and Sri Ram in the Ramayana

The sage then narrated about the arrival of Indra and how he refused to go with him.

Sarabhanga Rishi had earned Brahmaloka through intense tapas and austerities for several years.

The Rishi wanted to gift his Tapa Shakti to Sri Ram. But Bhagavan refused it stating that He should earn it for Himself.

Sri Ram wanted a dwelling place in the area. Sarabhanga Rishi then directs Mata Sita and the two brothers to the ashram of Sage Sutheekshana.

Before leaving he place, Sage Sharabhanga asks for a favor. He wants to leave his body in the presence of Sri Ram.

The sage enters a fire pit with Sri Ram looking on with love in His eyes. Soon the fire engulfs the body of the sage and after a while a young handsome form arose out from it and headed towards the sky.

Sarabhanga Rishi knew that Sri Ram was an Avatar of Vishnu and he had the fortune of abandoning the body in the presence of Him.