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Aadi Month and Property – Can I Buy House or Land or Property in Aadi Masam

Can I Buy Land or Property in Aadi Masam? There is a widespread belief that buying land or house or flat or property is bad in Tamil Aadi Month. It is common in Tamil Nadu not to buy land or flat during Aadi (July 17 to August 16). Nobody knows why it is bad? No one knows why one should not buy property or land in the month.

Aadi is just like any other month. Investments on land or flat or house should be done after carefully considering all factors. A particular month has nothing to do with it. Hindu scriptures do not state that a particular period is bad or good. So such beliefs have no scriptural support.

Why do people believe that one should not buy property in Aadi Masam?

Dakshinayana begins in Aadi month – Sun changes direction from north to south in the Aadi month. So some people believe it is inauspicious. The night time of Devas begins with Dakshinayana. So the belief that auspicious events held in the month won't get the blessing of Gods.

Can I Buy House or Land or Property in Aadi Masam?

If you are a person who firmly believes in fate, luck and astrology then you should follow your path. Do not invest. This is because you buy a property and if something goes wrong you yourself and others will start blaming you for buying in Aadi month. Aadi will be an excuse for you. Although you very well know that you made the blunders.

But if you have conviction in your decisions go ahead and buy flat or house in Aadi month after collecting all information on property and talking with experts. Good opportunity to invest should not be lost.

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Astrology should not be your guide in buying property - you should take the decision independently after looking into all factors. You should consult experts. Collect information on property. Talk to people in the area. Offer prayers to Ganesha and go ahead and do what is right for you.

People talk about failed investments in Aadi month. But conveniently ignore the failed investments made during the auspicious days and months – most of these investments are made in haste. At least in Aadi month people will consider all factors before making an investment.