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Nila – About Goddess Nila Devi Consort of Vishnu

Nila is the third consort of Vishnu. The first two are Shri (Goddess Lakshmi) and Bhudevi (Mother Earth). Information about Nila Devi is found in the Vedic hymn Nila Sukta. Nila pardons the mistakes and shortcomings of devotees.

Nila symbolically represents Daya (compassion) and Kripa (Grace) aspects of Vishnu.

Nila Sukta is chanted to propitiate Nila Devi. Those people who live in remorse and shame of sins committed get relief after chanting Nila Sukta.

Andal who is worshipped in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu, is combined form of Bhudevi and Nila.

Nila Devi is also addressed as Grithavati (intelligent and gentle), Mahadevi (chief goddess), Nappinnai (consort of Krishna), Payasvathi (source of milk), Vishnu Patni (consort of Vishnu), Asha (All pervasive) and Manota (Worshipped in mind).

Sage Bhrighu’s Prakeernadhikara suggests that on the left side of the main icon of Lord Vishnu, an icon of Nila Devi must be consecrated.

Nila Devi is portrayed as standing on the left side of Lord Vishnu’s icon, the icon in dark hued, clad in red garment, holding a red lotus in the right hand, the left hand on the thigh, wearing crown, bracelets and other jewellery. She is sculpted upto bosom, shoulders or ear height of Lord Vishnu.

She is worshipped by reciting vedic hymns from Bhu Suktam.