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Mariamman Temple at Irukkankudi near Sattur in Tamil Nadu – Irukkankudi Mariamman Kovil

Mariamman Temple at Irukkankudi near Sattur in Tamil Nadu attracts thousands of devotees daily. The number of devotees visiting Irukkankudi Mariamman Kovil increases in Aadi month especially on Fridays. The last Friday in Aadi month is highly auspicious in the temple – the utsava murti – the murti (idol) used for festival purposes - is taken on Vrishaba Vahanam (Devi mounted on bull) from the village side to the main temple located in between the two rivers of Arjuna and Vaippar.

Worship at the temple is considered highly meritorious. The belief is that Goddess Mariamman cures physical illness and provides good health. Thousands of people with eye-ailments have found relief here.

Murti of Mariamman Temple is Unique

Usual murtis of Mariamman is in sitting posture with left leg folded and right leg hanging. At Irukkankudi Mariamman Kovil the right leg is folded and left leg is hanging. She is in sitting posture.

Legend of Irukkankudi Mariamman Kovil
The two rivers - Arjuna and Vaippar - are associated with the Pandavas. The temple is located between these two rivers.

Legend has it that the murti of Goddess Mariamman in the temple is Swayambhu – appeared on its own.

Legend has it that a group of women had been to the middle of the Vaippar River to collect cow dung which they had placed for drying during summer season. One of the women, Paripooranthammal, could not lift her basket after placing it on the riverbed. Even after removing the cow dung, the basket could not be lifted.

Later, when the villagers came there, the woman in a trance said that they should construct a temple for Goddess Mariamman who would protect them.

Another legend has it that Sivayoga Gnana Siddhar, an ardent devotee of Goddess Amman, got a boon from Her that she will appear at the spot where He will attain Samadhi.

Temple Famous for providing relief to Visually Impaired
The temple is famous for curing various diseases. People have found relief after visiting the temple. The main offering in the temple is body parts made using silver foil. Devotees have found relief to various eye ailments and stomach related disorders.

Subsidiary Deities in the Mariamman Temple at Irukkankudi
The temple also has murtis of Nandi, Ganesha, Vazha Vandha Amman and Rakachi Amman, Pechi Amman, Muppidari Amman, Kathavarayan, Vairavamurthi and Karuppu Swami.

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