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With image of Vimana 3,000-year-old rock art found in Chhattisgarh Points towards Ramayana Era

Five unique rock art, believed to be more than 3000 years old, found in the dense forest of Suarlot hills in Korba district of Chhattisgarh points towards the Ramayana era. There is a drawing of 'viman' (airplane) among the five rock art. The nearby places in the area are linked to Ramayana. It is believed that Bhagavan Sri Ram had passed through the area.
Times of India reports 
The rock art, found by archaeologist Hari Singh Chhatri in the dense forests, show the concepts in the form of geometrical drawing. These drawings in red ochre are of humans, mermaids, animals including goat, and a geometrical pattern which resembles a 'viman' or an aeroplane.
"The rock art is still safe as it is located in dense forests. I have found pictures of a male and a female with a specific difference in their height. This could be of Lord Ram and Sita," archaeologist Hari Singh Chhatri told TOI. 
"There was a place called 'Kharoud', which is also known as Khar Dusan (demon) Nagri. It is just 34km from Korba. And, the famous Shivrinarayan is just 3km from Kharoud," he said adding that these places could have links with the places where Lord Ram visited during his exile. 
Rock Art Society of India secretary G L Badham said, "It is an excellent discovery. Of course, the period of Ramayana had connection with Chhattisgarh forests for which there are evidences. These rock art are one of them". 
"Since it is for the first time that the concept of 'viman' is being suggested, the Rock Art Society proposes to carry out an extensive work. We had found some rock art in neighbouring Raigarh district. But, the present design is surely different from the one found in Raigarh and can be called a 'viman' till it is confirmed," he added.