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Women begging with a Child Tied to their waist Temple Towns in South India

Anyone who has visited popular temples in South India might have come across a woman begging with a child tied to her waist with a thick piece of cloth. These women walk around popular temple towns with the child demanding money and pestering devotees. Most of these women are healthy and are using children as an easy way to make money. They target important temples because it is easy to take advantage of devotees.

The main issue here is that this is child abuse. Infants are often made to stand in hot sun with unclean clothes.

Most of these women are part of large network. Most of the times they do not carry their children.

Devotees should avoid giving alms to such people.
The Hindu raises this issue in an article titled A child abuse that’s begging for attention
Taking advantage of this constant influx of people, a large number of women resort to child beggary at temples and historical sites. 
According to police officials and advocates, several issues are involved in eliminating the nuisance. “Although such beggars can be booked under the Juvenile Justice Act, which entails a maximum punishment of three years of imprisonment and fine, the police desist from taking action as it involves women and children,” says Jayanthi Rani, an advocate and child rights activists in Tiruchi. She said that a comprehensive plan for the rehabilitation, counseling, and education of children should be taken up.
A social welfare department official says that most of these women belonged to northern states and they move from one place to another.