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Vekkaliamman Temple Woraiyur – Story Of Vekkali Amman Temple near Trichy

Vekkaliamman Temple is located at Woraiyur near Trichy in Tamil Nadu. Vekkaliamman is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. A unique aspect of the temple is that the sanctum sanctorum of the temple is uncovered.

Story of Vekkaliamman Temple
Legend has is that once there was a huge sandstorm in the Woraiyur region. The area was protected by Goddess Vekkaliamman. But people had lost their houses in the sandstorm. She told her devotees to not build a roof over her shrine until every person living there had shelter.

Tuesday and Friday are the most important dates in the temple. Other auspicious occasions are No moon day and full moon day.

The murti of Goddess Vekkaliamman is north facing. In this form she is believed to have blessed the Chola kings with valor. The belief is that the north facing murti provides courage to face life.

The murti of Mother Goddess is seated on a Yoga Peeta facing north. She holds trident, small drum, pasha (rope) and Akshaya Patra. She wears bangles, Mangalsutra, pearl chain, necklace and crown on the head. Her left leg is on the demon and the right bent. Generally in Shakti temples, the deity is seen with her right leg on the demon and left leg bent, while it is vice-versa in this temple, a rare form.

Vekkaliamman Temple Woraiyur Timing
5:15 AM to 1:00 PM
4:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Contact Details
Phone: 0431-2761869/2767110
E-Mail ID: vekkaliamman@gmail.com

The temple is located 7 km from Trichy.