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Mahamaya Devi – About Hindu Goddess Mahamaya

Hindu Goddess Mahamaya is generally a form of Goddess Shakti – more closely associated with Goddess Durga and Goddess Kali. The Sanskrit word Maya has two important meanings – one is measurement and another is extraordinary or supernatural power and also illusion. So the term Mahamaya is an attempt by human mind to capture – unimaginable qualities of Goddess Shakti – like she is matter, she is energy, her various forms, creation, sustenance and destruction. Sadly no human word is powerful enough to capture the true form of Goddess Shakti and it can only be known through self realization.

The Devimahatyma states that Goddess Mahamaya appeared from the energy of all Gods. When she was given weapons to destroy Mahisha she became Goddess Durga.

There are temples dedicated to Goddess Mahamaya in Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala, Gujarat, Assam... in fact in almost in all regions in India.

The form of Mahamaya worshipped varies from region to region but closely resembles one or more of the forms of Goddess Shakti.

Mahamaya is also used as a prefix before important incarnations of Goddess Shakti – thus we have Goddess Mahamaya Kalika and Goddess Mahamaya Kamika.

In simple terms, Goddess Mahmaya is an attempt by human mind to capture that which is beyond definition, imagination or that power without which not even a single atom moves.