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Shiva as Bhuteshwar

Bhuteshwar, or Bhuteshvar, is one among the 1008 names of Lord Shiva. As Bhuteshvar, Lord Shiva is the lord of the elements. Legend has it that while Brahma was indulged in creation, the gentler animals that he created did not get any food as they were not ready eat other animals to suffice hunger. The animals prayed to Pashupati – Lord Shiva as the lord of the animals.

Lord Shiva agreed to help the animals and soon he meditated. The heat from his intense meditation brought forth herbs, creepers, plants, shrubs, grass and trees. The hungry animals thrived on the vegetation.

Now Brahma wondered on what the plants will feed on?

Shiva said that they will live on the elements – earth, air, light, water and ether. Thus Shiva is the lord of the elements – Bhuteshvar.

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