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Puri Jagannath’s Chariot – Lord Jagannath Chariot Size and Dimensions and About Gods on Chariot

Puri Jagannath’s Chariot is known as Nandigosha. Below is the size and dimensions and other details about Lord Jagannath Chariot.

The Chariot of Lord Jagannath is known as Nandighosha. It is also known as Garuda dhwaja and Kapi dhwaja.

Height: 13’.5m
Number of wheels: 16 (seven feet diameter)
Length and breadth: 34’6” x 34’.6”
Wrappings: Red, Yellow color cloths
Total Number of wooden pieces used: 832

The Rath (chariot) of Lord Jagannath is guarded by Garuda – the mythical bird and vehicle of Lord Vishnu. 

The charioteer is called Dahuka and the flag is named ‘Trailokyamohini.’ 

The wooden horses driving the chariot are named as Shankha, Balahaka, Suweta, Haridashwa. 

The rope used to pull is called Sankhachuda. 

There are nine presiding deities in the chariot – Varaha, Gobardhan, Gopi Krishna, Narasimha, Rama, Narayan, Trivikrama (Vamana or Bamana), Hanuman and Rudra.