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On Realizing The Divine – Sakshatkara In Hinduism

That which appears as bound to the deluded vision – just as the sun appears dark and gloomy to the fool of clouded sight – tat ever-manifest Atman am I. (Hastamalaka)

Eternal, pure and free am I, formless and changeless. Of the nature of infinite bliss, I am my-Self the Immutable. (Shankaracharya)

That You who bear the whole universe within Yourself at the end of the cosmic sleep have been born of my womb in only Your imitation of human ways to hide Your identity – what a great joke You are playing on the world! (Yashoda on seeing the universe in the mouth of little Sri Krishna).

My salutations to the supreme Being, the possessor of divine majesties, who, having entered my heart, has quickened my dormant limbs, senses and vital powers, and has presently awakened the power of speech with which I can now express myself in these words. (Dhruva)

What evil can there be when gods are playing with gods, when gods are working with gods, and gods are loving gods? That is the great utility of divine realization. (Swami Vivekananda)