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Mool Nakshatra 2024 predictions

Mool Nakshatra 2024 predictions are based on Hindu astrology – Dhanu Rashi. Mool Nakshatra pada 1 born Dhanu Rashi born will face problems in already planned or settled issue. You need to be careful while handling electricity, fire, vehicle and iron things. Mool Nakshatra pada 2 Dhanu Rashi born people who are pregnant will need to be extremely careful. Avoid quitting present job and joining another one. Mool Nakshatra pada 3 Dhanu Rashi born will make initial paper works to migrate to a rich country. Artists, scientists, sports person will have a good year. Mool nakshatra pada 4 Dhanu Rashi born people will make changes to business and restart it. Projects will be approved at the last moment. Good months are April, August, September and December 2024. February, May, July and October 2024 are bad months. January, March, June and November 2024 will be stagnant period with not much gain.

There is possibility that you will be cheated at the workplace. Those looking for new job will face intense competition and struggles before success in this year. Overconfidence and carelessness might result in squandering a good job opportunity. Promotion and increment will be delayed. You will be unhappy with transfer. Some of you will decide to quite a job abroad and take retirement. New technological developments should be embraced and not criticized. Migration related matters will be stuck. Those expecting a government job this year will be disappointed. Your words will be misunderstood. Business people will see improvement. An old project that was abandoned will be restarted.

You will make gains from property and savings. Luck is in your favor this year and you will see gains from stocks and other similar investments. You will be lucky in lottery and games. You might be cheated in financial matters. There will be opportunity to perform charity in the name of parents. New vehicle will be brought. An old house will be sold and you will move into a new house. Legal matters related to money will be settled outside the court. Loans will be approved. Children might cause some financial damage. You will get costly gifts.

Travels in search of job abroad will end in disappointment. Incomplete travel documents will give you some problems. Pilgrimages will be undertaken.

Romance related matters will flourish with the blessings of friends and relatives. You should avoid illegal activities and unwanted fun. Your name will be dragged into a scandal. You will face problems from jealous colleagues or neighbors. Fights with neighbors might turn ugly. There will be trust issues among family members.

Health issues to stomach, eyes or neck is a possibility this year. You will change treatment methods and opt for Ayurveda or other traditional methods. There will no progress in the health of spouse. Those looking to get pregnant should be extremely cautious.

Students will have a favorable period. Opting to study abroad will be foolish. You will be unhappy with a new institution.

Marriage will be decided and held. Those looking to remarry will face some opposition. Married couples facing problems will take professional help. A relative or neighbor will cause problems in your married life.