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Bol Choth 2023 Date - Significance of Bol Chauth Vrat in Gujarat

Bol Choth, or Bahula Chauth Vrat, is a Hindu observance in the Shravan month in Gujarat. It is observed on the fourth day of the Krishna Paksha (waning phase of moon) of Shravan month. Bol Choth 2023 date is September 3. It is observed by both men and women and is performed for the welfare of cows and calves.

Bol Choth is observed by all members of the family and is of great importance to the farming community. People pray for the welfare of cattle and other domesticated animals. The animals are thoroughly cleaned and special food is provided to them.

Significance of Bol Choth Vrat in Gujarat

People only eat food made from millet on the day. Family members make temporary cooking arrangement outside the house and food is prepared on the day under the open sky.

After rituals and prayers, people listen to Bol Choth Vrat Katha which narrates how a cow was spared by a lion and worshipped it for its divine qualities.

Bol Choth is observed during Shravan month, which is the period of peak monsoon season. The ritual is meant for the protection of animals which suffers maximum during floods and heavy rains. Cattle are also an important element in the agrarian economy.